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The Conference

One Day of Powerful Talks on UFO's, Paranormal Activities, Skunkape, Bigfoot & Metaphysics. 

Saturday  August 1, 2020


Crowne Plaza Hotel

13051 Bell Tower Dr

Fort Myers, FL 33907




No videotaping will be allowed

10:30 -11:15am

Starseeds: what are they & are you one? 

Dr. Phyllis Csaszar discusses Starseeds  

11:30 -12:15pm

Intuition Energy with Braxton & April Roane

Braxton & April Roane educate individuals on energy, intuition, and what it means to "feel" Spirit. Both are Empaths who inspire and teach others how to embrace their own Spiritual abilities.

12:45 - 1:45pm


Legend Tripper Robert Robinson discuss Crypotozoologist findings & sightings


Ghost Hunting 101 with Shawn Porter

 Ghost Stop Owner Shawn Porter shares the techy side of ghost hunting with high tech equipment.


4 Top Hot Spots in Florida 

Christopher Balzano & Mark Muncy will be discussing 4 Top Hot Spots in Florida for Paranormal and Cryptids.


Ouija 101 with Stephen Erkintalo  

Extreme Paranormal Investigator Stephen Erkintalo discusses the usage of Ouija Boards to communicate with spirits, dos & don'ts & shares his experiences


2020: Year of Disclosure & Visions of our Future

Glen Means will review the latest disclosures by the US Government that UFOs are here, and looks at latest developments indicating that further big disclosures are just ahead in the new year - including the Secret Space Program!

2020 Speakers & Guests  

Shawn Porter




Shawn Porter is the owner of GhostStop, developer and supplier of paranormal investigation equipment. Shawn has appeared on SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters bringing in new tech and investigating along with TAPS. Shawn has worked with some of the most notable in the paranormal field providing technical expertise and designing custom equipment for TV shows and paranormal investigation teams around the world. He has worked with and supplied equipment to such shows as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked, My Ghost Story and many more. This experience lead to opening GhostStop which has since become the leading provider of ghost hunting equipment around the world.

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All vendors must have their table manned during vendor hall hours. We are not responsible for theft or property damage. Products that are for mature viewers should be out of reach of children. Any images that are graphic and rated Mature should be covered as well. (ie: graphic materials and images need to be covered) 

Vendor Hall Hours:  SAT  10 - 6 . 


Hallway Space vendors: $42/table  8' x 2' space total including table & chairs. Table is 6' x 18"; chairs on either side of the table. Great for vendors that are promoting services but not selling anything - but sales vendors also welcome. This will be in the hallway outside of the main vendor room. 


Commercial Vendors: $62 /table. 6' x 5' space total including table & chairs. Table is 6' x 30" Vendors that will be selling any product; this includes book sales

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B1 Edomacs Custom Ouijas

B2 Dances With Dragonflys

B3 Arca Noctis

B4 Evil 8 Bit Gnomes  

B5 Bar seating

T1 Stephen Erkintalo

T2 Christopher Balzano / Tripping on Legends

T3 Eerie Florida

T4 Goddess I Am  

T5 Sarasota Paranormal Investigative Science

T6 Phantom Belle

T7 Past is Present Paranormal Society 

T8 Patrick Webb/ Paranormal Oddities 

T10 R.M. Rose

T11 Cody Fancyprints 

T12 John H & Morgan

T14 Robert Robinson  

T17 SATURN & Casper 

T18 Phyllis Csaszar

T19 Glen Means

T20 Shawn Porter 

T21 April & Braxton Roane

   Albion Grove




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About us

Nexus9 LLC is an event organizing group based in Fort Myers, FL. Our other events are the science fiction comic con, SWFL SpaceCon  & the steampunk & fantasy con, SWFL SteamCon.

After our 1st annual SWFL SpaceCon, Dr. Phyllis Csaszar, PhD, FFSC, reached out to us in June of 2017 and asked us about branching out to host a UFO conference. Dr. Phyllis has experience leading UFO discussion panels at sci-fi conferences & has served as an advisor and planning assistant for this conference. Morgan B & John H have also assisted with advice & planning for this conference & we would like to thank them again for joining us in this adventure!


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